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 Self Generating Electronic Ignition 'Stator Kits'

We are very pleased to be affiliated with Rex's Speed Shop the home of performance motor cycle ignition systems. You will not find generic "off the peg" CDi units in any of our kits. Each one is developed uniquely for model it is intended for. Whether you choose a high performance road kit or the "Dual Power" competition kit you can be assured it has been developed especially for your engine. 

 What's the difference between a single source coil and a "Dual Power" kit?

This refers to the power of the ignition only, the 12 volt lighting system will be the same on road and competition kits.

Single source coil kits:

These offer great all round performance plus all the advantages of electronic ignition. As you would expect  the points or poor OEM CDi systems are replaced with high power, modern ignition to get better starting and performance. We recommend these where the customer wants all the benfits of electronic ignition at an attractive price. 

"Dual Power" source coil kits:

Rex's Speed Shop is the home of the unique "Dual Power" electronic ignition stator. It's output is so significantly higher than any single source stator its the only option we supply in our competition equipment. From kick start to full throttle "Dual Power" systems produce more power. Full stop. 

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